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Graph Databases Help Companies Unlock Connections Within Their Data – Tom Smith, Jim Webber

Graph Databases Help Companies Unlock Connections Within Their Data – Tom Smith, Jim Webber

hanks to Jim Webber, Chief Scientist at Neo4j, for sharing his thoughts on the current state of databases and their future with the influx of big data. Neo4j is the leading platform for graph technology and connected data, and it’s continuing to grow as it aims to corral unstructured data in companies across numerous industries.


Q: What are some “real-world” problems your clients are solving with graph databases?

A: There are a ton of great examples! eBay ShopBot provides personalized shopping experience and the underlying technology of it is Neo4j. This is but one example of some of the tremendous uses of graph technology within artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Another example is that a very prominent retailer’s promotions engine is driven by a Neo4j graph database. In fact, after implementing Neo4j to help make smarter product recommendations to consumers, they had their most successful Cyber Monday ever this past year. Another example I’ll share is that a large international investment bank is using a Neo4j graph database to conduct authentication and identity management — think of it as LDAP on steroids. This has removed rather unfulfilling, error-prone work from the personnel on their security team and allows them to focus on higher-impact projects. Importantly these, as many Neo4j deployments, are on the critical path to revenue: businesses bet on graphs.

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