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AI & Graph based platform for Automated Insights

AI enabled platform can curate disparate – structured or unstructured – data sets from a multitude of sources.

Curate & Enrich

We automatically curate from sources including but not limited to articles, news events, social chatter, blogs and databases.


The content is classified and tagged to standard categories, using machine learning algorithms allowing easier extraction of analytics.


The extracted entities are connected for relationships and any gaps in the data are filled using automated search processes.

Recognise Patterns

Actionable insights are derived from the data and emerging patterns can be discovered through a visualized format.

Platform uses

Monitors Business Signals across the defined Ecosystem through multitude of information sources, curates, classifies & builds a connected repository of information for easy analysis.

Configurable Ecosystem

Automated Curation and Classification using Machine Learning

Automated creation of relations between the data to discover new insights

Network Monitoring and Operation Solutions for Hi Tech Network Companies

Proprietary data structure and algorithms to analyse the connected data and provide necessary trends and analysis based on configured ecosystem requirements. The platform enables the user to slice & dice the data and discover insights.

Trends Analysis

Configurable Discovery platform

Visualisation of Connected network of data for defined ecosystem

Automated Pattern Recognition algorithms and associated predictive models enables the triggering of alerts which can provide timely information to users.

Automated Pattern Recognition

Configurable Alerts

Timely delivery of alerts

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